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QiStone+ looks and feels as timeless as stone. The stone texture is unique to each individual QiStone, making it an object to behold.



  • Elegant Portable Wireless Charging Battery that allows you to charge any Qi-enabled device on the go.
  • Charge QiStone+ wirelessly, you can also use QiStone+ to charge other devices wirelessly.
  • With capacity of 4000 mAh, QiStone+ can keep your devices topped up all day long.
  • QiStone+ is built with sharing in mind - charge one of the devices wirelessly, and another via USB port simultaneously.
  • Thanks to its USB port Wired Charging is an option too.

    Small enough to fit in your palm with 4000mAh of wireless power, enough to keep your devices topped up all day long

    Wireless power on the go

    In the Media

    ANDROID AND METhe way I very quickly fell in love with the QiStone+ was just using it as a regular wireless charger (Brooks Barnard)
    ENGADGETThe QiStone+ is an attractive and unique charging solution. The wireless feature is effective and well thought out. (Mel Martin)
    Wirelessly charge any Qi enabled device with ease and convenience anywhere, at any time

    Completely Wireless

    QiStone+ is the first ever power bank that can be called 100% wireless. The Qi+ technology, built into the QiStone+, means it can be replenished without wires. Even with FurniQi the wireless charging side table.

    Two birds, one stone

    QiStone+ is built with sharing in mind. Charge one phone wirelessly, charge the other with a USB cable. Simple.


    Power Source 5V / >1000mA USB A
    Wireless Charger
    Internal Battery
    Internal Battery Capacity Up to 4000mAh
    Wireless Standard Qi
    Charging Efficiency 74.6%
    Charging Distance 4-6mm
    Dimensions 10.5cm (H) x 7.2cm (W) x 2cm (D)

    Qi Wireless Receiver

    All you need to start charging



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