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MusiQi Wireless Charger & Speaker

A beautiful Bluetooth speaker, a wireless charger and a portable stand, in one

Play, Charge & Display



  • When connected to power, MusiQi allows you to charge any Qi-enabled device with ease and convenience.
  • Crafted utilising premium grade anodised aluminium, MusiQi acts as a useful adaptable stand, portable speaker and a compact wireless charger.
  • Customise the angle by twisting & turning MusiQi, or place the phone horizontally like on a traditional charging pad. The choice is yours. Landscape support also makes MusiQi incredibly adaptable.
  • Unique speaker design ensures your music and phone calls are heard loud and clear.
  • Built-in mic enables hands-free usage.

    Allows for sound playback and hands-free calls on the go

    Beautiful, smart and portable

    In the Media

    FOX The one thing I've noticed about products from Fonesalesman is that they always seem to go one step further. That's the case here.
    Phone starts charging as soon as you put it on the stand

    Blink and you'll miss it

    Three useful devices, in one device

    Combines in itself a premium aluminium stand, portable Bluetooth speaker and powerful Qi wireless charger.

    Seamless integration

    MusiQi Speaker can be recharged on the go for uninterrupted playback using any Wireless Charger, including the completely wireless QiStone+


    Power Source 5V / >1000mA USB A
    (for Wireless Charging and Audio functions)
    Wireless Charger
    (for Audio functions only)
    Wireless Playback Up to 4 hours
    Internal Speaker 5W
    Wireless Standard Qi
    Charging Efficiency ~75%
    Charging Distance 4-6mm
    Dimensions 7cm x 8.5cm

    Qi Wireless Receiver

    All you need to start charging



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    Customer Reviews

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