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A Case for iQi Mobile

January 02, 2014


I am sure you all well know the feeling when you open the package of your new iPhone and you finally get to start playing with it. Amazing, isn’t it? I know, I know and the case is so shining...
If you are an addicted phone-maniac like me, you have probably gone through quite a few different phones over the years. I can still remember...

Loving the latest smartphone is a prerogative of many of us and spending hours and even days playing with the new mouth-watering cool features seems to be an unstoppable hobby. However, all those hours and amazing apps will inevitably require to recharge the battery frequently and here comes the mess. If you use your phone as much as I use mine, you always get home at night with a few more seconds of autonomy and then you have to remember where in the world is the recharger or the USB cable. Wouldn’t it be easier to just walk in the front door and put your phone next to the keys on the first available shelf and, here is the trick, have it recharging by itself?
Like the idea? Well, you have got to try the KoolPuck then, the smartest new wireless charger in town. It’s as simple as that: just place your phone above the round pad and it will start charging immediately. The device has a LED light to show the charging status.Whenever you have to go, grab your phone and leave, there is no need to unplug.
So easy to use and so techy, the KoolPuck takes advantage of the magnetic induction to charge your battery and guarantees you lowest charging temperatures. It is fully compliant with the wireless charging standard, aka Qi, and you can use any smartphone Qi enabled.
Personally I love it, it’s so easy to use. No more messy cables around, no more looking everywhere to find the charger, no more searching for an empty plug in the wall, just a nice little pad on my desk and the freedom to lay the phone there, forget about it and pick that up later fully charged, every single time… unbeatable.

It has been really useful getting feedbacks and ideas around iQi Mobile, and of course a good product requires challenges and skeptic feedback as well.

One of our customers did an un-boxing and a review of our wireless chargers for Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy S4. Watch how fast, easy and seamless our products work!