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Weekly Wireless On Wednesday #3

March 02, 2016

Our Weekly Wireless on Wednesday...

Bringing you some nice news from all over the internet & beyond!

Sometimes funny, not always relevant but surely something to read over while sippin' on your cuppa tea or coffee (or something stronger, we do not judge) during a short break on your busy day. 

With this week:

Trending last week:

It was all about MWC in Barcelona

And we were there: 


Unfortunately we almost saw as much as you form the congress since our stand was very, very busy. However, we did see Samsung’s VR rollercoaster. And it was very impressive:


(This video is from Samsung's VR Rollercoaster at Catalonia Square, but the same thing could be found at the congress). 



Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar for his role in the Revenant.


RIP all Leo-Oscar memes. 


From The Rumour Mil:

HTC sold 15,000 Vive units in its first 10 minutes on sale

Why a rumour? Since we can’t be sure where these figures are coming from. However, based on everything we’ve seen at MWC: VR is booming.

Read full article here.