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S5 SlimPWRcard - Out Now!

June 23, 2014


When we have released the original S5 PWRcard, we were fully aware that even though at the time it was the best thing on the market, the competitors will be quick to improve on the formulae and produce something even more exciting. But, instead of giving them an opportunity, we have started on the development of our premium receiver for the Samsung Galaxy S5 right away.

S5 SlimPWRcard is all about taking what we learned from the S5 PWRcard, and improving on it, focusing on providing the best possible experience for the consumers.

The result is an incurably thin, versatile and unobtrusive new SlimPWRcard for your Samsung Galaxy S5.

The card is so small it leaves no bulges on the back cover of your phone, and allows for use with any non-metallic case.

The S5 SlimPWRcard also supports NFC, so you don't have to accept any compromise when it is related to the functionality of your device.

For a full overview, please take a look at the video below.